Close to Boat Bar, this old shop house ups the sex factor.

The space: The outside balcony is occupied by seats and a bar counter to drink and chat, while the high ceilinged dark interior with its DJ Station-like feel has nothing but a stage for the drag show and a DJ booth.

The music: Gay dance tunes.

The crowd: Lots of potato queens, young foreigners and lots of money boys showing off their abs and buns.

Fag fab: The most vibrant bar with a lot of flesh out front and a DJ Station vibe inside. The music is cool too.

Fag hag: The Pattaya-boy-bar-feel at the front.


Venue Details
Address: Kiss, Soi Paradise, 200 meters from Soi Bangla, Rat-U-Thit Rd, Phuket,
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