Chalong Bay Rum Bar

A bar from Phuket’s hip artisanal rum distillery.

Phuket’s artisanal rum distillery now has its own bar and also offers cocktail workshops. Stop by for a sip of its classic cocktails, bite-sized Mediterranean tapas and a fittingly tropical vibe. Finish off with a scoop of the delicious Chalong Bay rum and raisin ice-cream. Launched back in 2012, Chalong Bay Rum is produced from pure Thai sugarcane juice (not molasses, like most distilleries), crafted using traditional French distillation methods.

Venue Details
Address: Chalong Bay Rum Bar, Chalong Bay Distillery, 14/2 Moo 2 Soi Palai 2, Phuket, Thailand
Phone: 093-575-1119, 082-800-4701
Opening hours: daily 9am-8pm
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