Boat Bar

A cross between a slightly ghetto version of Bangkok’s Expresso in Soi 2 and a dark and kinky toilet. People often go for the free nightly drag show (around 10pm) and then head on somewhere else.

The space: Shop house-cum-bar with a stage in the center. People tend to hang at the outside bar before coming inside for the show, where it’s dark and there’s enough space to jump around.

The music: Typical gay dance music but not too hardcore electronic.
The crowd: Mature Thai softies and foreigners.

Fag fab: One of only two “real” bars in the soi, it’s also the least sleazy.

Fag hag: After the show finishes nothing happens until very late.

Venue Details
Address: Boat Bar, Soi Paradise, 200 meters from Soi Bangla, Rat-U-Thit Rd, Phuket,
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