House 20 Cat Home Studio

Calling all hipsters.

The buzz: After opening their secret bar that opens only on the 9th,19th, and 29th of each month, the creative folks behind House 38 Home Studio have expanded their secret space to Sukhumvit 20 where they use the creative space for their ads biz as a secret bar, House 20 Cat Home Studio,  that only opens on the 20th of every month. 
The vibe: For a bar in Sukhumvit, House 20 Cat Home Studio Bar boasts an abundance of space that makes you feel like it’s more like a villa thanks to the giant pool sitting at the center of the house—with a visual of a giant cat shooting red beams out of its eyes at night. Part of the house caters to owners’ sick cats which can be spotted roaming the area. 
The drinks: The creative house draws heavy references from iconic Thai ads of old—many of which you might know. The Stop Drinking Alcohol (B390) sees a refreshingly acidic mix of the locally crafted kratom soda and Hongthong served with kratom leaves. The Love Story (B690) follows the transition of a young girl through Thai cosmetic ads, arriving as two vibrantly colored gin-based drinks; the yellow one is pungent with raw ginger and the pink is more mellow with roselle syrup. For those who prefer something less intense, try Remember this Oran, a mixture of vodka, Malibu, ginger, and jaggery, served with coconut-infused ice cubes. The drink takes after the 90’s ad from a roofing company, Oran, where the roof makers triumphed over a group of monkeys throwing coconuts at them. There is food available, ranging from pub snacks like crispy chicken skin (B120) and grilled pork necks served with raw egg (B220) to heavier ones like khao maew (fried mackerel with nam prik) for B220. 
Why we’d come back: The bar’s exclusivity is one thing that might catch some hipsters’ fragile egos, but if you want a change of scenery to escape Bangkok’s hustle and bustle, House 20 Cat Home Studio would certainly fill that need quite well.
Venue Details
Address: House 20 Cat Home Studio, Sukhumvit Soi 20, , Thailand
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