Freaking Out the Neighborhood

Have an ear-gasm at this listening bar from the brains behind Have you Heard.

The indie music promoter behind the Maho Rasop Have You Heard has opened a new space just off Sukhumvit Soi 36, promising cocktails, Japanese grilled yakitori, and a high-end aural experience. 
A bit of a black sheep in this residential hood, Freaking Out the Neighborhood looks like a metal container protruding with strange neon lights at dark. Inside, the place is equipped with top-of-gear audio equipment where patrons can enjoy a long play record of shoegaze, club music, R&B, punk, and even weird electronic and world music. 
The cocktails are mostly based on the basics—nothing too fancy or too heavy, so you won’t get drunk to the point where you really freak out the whole neighborhood. Try Freaking Hendricks Gin and Tonic (B340), a gin-based cocktail served with Japanese cucumber or Italian classic Americano (B300) with Campari and vermouth topped with soda. 
The food, meanwhile, promises satisfying Japanese grilled varieties, and if you actually stop by, the sun-dried beef and jaew (B190) is not to be missed. 
Vinyl enthusiasts can also find some local and international records available for sale from the people behind Have You Heard Records, and they are more than happy to bring your favorite discs to be played.

Venue Details
Address: Freaking Out the Neighborhood, Sukhumvit Soi 36, , Thailand
Area: Thonglor
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