Dr. Fetch

Drink Insta-worthy cocktails in an ocean-themed science lab.

The buzz: This cocktail bar joins Sugar Ray inside Sukhumvit Soi 24’s Octo Seafood Bar, creating a trio that you can spend the entire evening exploring.

The decor: The whole complex comes under an ocean theme, with the ship-like downstairs seafood restaurant and the bar upstairs taking on the somewhat unusual theme of a science lab on a ship. Bar staff wear white coats, while a side room is filled with wooden models of fossils and rabbits for a slightly eerie private drinking experience. Dimmed lighting and large lounge areas add to the sense of mystery and provide room for exploration.

The drinks: Cocktails fit in with the whole ocean laboratory theme and are super Instagrammable, though not quite so advanced in flavor as neighboring Sugar Ray. The Prickly Puffer (B400) comes in a cute little puffer glassware and tastes overwhelmingly of coriander, mixed with vodka, lime, green apple juice, jasmine syrup and lemon grass. For something milky that’s almost like a liquid breakfast, go for the Misty Shores (B400), a mix of peanut butter, banana syrup, honey, nutmeg, coconut cream and spirulina seaweed, topped with sea grapes and served on a Zen garden-like plate of stones with dry ice smoke puffing out.

The music: DJ spinning classic sing-alongs followed by a live band later in the night.

The crowd: Young professionals who favor picture perfect drinks and smoking over crafted cocktails.

Why we would come back: It’s open late, so we might drop by at the tail end of a night after exploring other bars in the area.

Venue Details
Address: Dr. Fetch, 2/F, Octo Seafood Bar, 88/22 Rd., , Thailand
Phone: 099-496-3388
Open since: December, 2018
Opening hours: daily 7pm-midnight
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