Behind The Curtain

Take a peek Behind the Curtain.
If you’ve dined at Mia, you must have walked past that big curtain area downstairs opposite the kitchen as the staff ushers you upstairs. Behind that curtain is a mystery no longer: It’s a bar, and it’s open now—called, rather predictably, Behind the Curtain.
The omakase dessert and cocktail pairing is available for only three days a week from Thursday to Saturday, one round at 6-9pm. The experience consists of five desserts by Mia’s very own Michelle Goh and five cocktails (mocktails available, B3,200), including mango sorbet, homemade fish floss, lime, and ikura as a dessert, paired with champagne with roasted mango cordial. Or there’s the moscato custard, shiso, and plum sorbet with salted plum served with sake in grapes, red wine reduction, bitters and limoncello perfume.
Booking in advance is highly recommended for the omakase dessert and cocktail pairing set menu, via here.
On other days, guests can enjoy the regular drinks menu created by Marc Perez Rodriguez, the Spanish bar manager with experience in Barcelona, Ibiza, and Hong Kong before Bangkok.
His signature drinks are a simple twist on the classics like the New York Sour (B410) that mixes lacto-clarified bourbon, lime, simple syrup, azuki, and instead of topping the drink with red wine like the classic, Rodriguez goes with red wine air.
Another interesting one is a twist on the old-fashioned, the Old Passion (B420), which sees bourbon-infused with passion fruit, mango and orange tea, agave nectar, clove smoke, and bitters. No booking required.
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Address: Behind The Curtain, 30 Attha Kawi Soi 1 (Sukhumvit Soi 26), ,
Phone: 098-862-9659
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