Zonta Club

Don’t come here expecting a huge space packed with an even huger crowd, funky décor or modelesque faces. Small-scale and cozy are the words of the day at Zonta Club a diminutive newcomer to the Soi Chamchan area. Fans of the long-lived Say Play will feel at home here, as Zonta is currently borrowing the menus, food (which can take a while) and prices from its neighbor. From the outside, the red light emanating from Zonta gives it a look similar to next door, but this place is smaller with less hustle and bustle. It looks cool enough but nothing is extraordinary: red and black cube chairs, bead curtains, black bar and chic hanging lamps. One nice aspect of the place is that the prices are as small as the bar itself: B30 for mixers, B80 for Singha and B100 for cocktails. There is acoustic live music every Thursday through Saturday, mostly popular Thai songs. The noise level allows for conversation, which might be the best reason to go there for a few drinks after work. Through September 30, get three shots for B200.

Venue Details
Address: Zonta Club, 75/1 Thonglor 21 (Ekkamai), Bangkok,
Phone: 081-424-1938, 081-454-6732, 086-752-6447
Opening hours: daily 7-11pm
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