The WoodShed

Rustic European heavyweight Harvest open a craft spirit bar that's dark and gloomily potent.  

The buzz: Tucked inside rustic European restaurant Harvest is a new bar with a jazz band and a rollicking menu of craft spirits and cocktails.

The decor: True to its name, the WoodShed’s ambiance is dark and gloomily potent, a thing to be imbibed more than enjoyed. Seating’s divided between low tables, leather chairs and one nook in the corner that’s fit for a group. A few strings of dim fairy lights give the impression of candlelit outdoors, a look completed by the old, and still living, tree that’s smack in the middle of the bar. Pay attention to the assorted glassware collection—each piece was chosen meticulously by the owner. A trio jazz band plays Fridays and a New Orleans-style pianist on Mondays.

The drinks: Crafting drinks is former Harvest bartender, Suparb “Joe” Mopa, who does a fine introductory drink in Red (B365): sloe gin, red currant, sparkling wine and lime. Invoke the lumberjack within with a Gintochoke (B365) of pickled artichoke with its briny juice, Whitley Neil gin and dry vermouth. Straight shooters can skip to the Deadly Invitation (B430), which is Plantation 3 stars rum, Zubrowka Bison vodka, red currant syrup and fresh thyme, all served in a fresh Venus vase flower over crushed ice. It’s beautiful but, as the name warns, will probably fell you. We also love the Smoke Lingers (B450): Laphroaig 10 years, Ocho Tequila, single espresso, house-made coffee syrup and burnt walnut combine to give the drink a smoky, robust flavor that’s clean yet warming. Don’t be afraid to ask Joe to cook up something special for you—he’s up to the challenge.

The crowd: The post-Harvest crowd, craft spirit snobs and a smattering of jazz enthusiasts.

Why we’d go back: Skilled mixologist, unconventional cocktail menu and a fine and evolving craft spirit selection. Megan Leon

Venue Details
Address: The WoodShed, 24/1 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 097-235-8286
Area: Nana Asoke, Phrom Phong
Open since: January, 2018
Opening hours: daily 4:30-11pm
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