Whisky Priest@494

Thailand isn’t just the Land of Smiles but also the land of whisky drinkers, ranking in the top 10 in the region. While other cultures might drink whisky on the rocks, we prefer to mix with something else…just as long as it rocks our night. But if you really take a look at the typical whisky that we’re pouring down our throats every night, you might find there’s not much to it, or that it isn’t whisky at all (Sangsom is technically rum, not whisky—read that label). It’s about time to taste the real deal—whisky you won’t find displayed at 7-Eleven. Bring your sugar daddy/momma to Whisky Priest@494. It’s a tiny room with luxurious décor—leather sofa, leopard carpet, retro props and smooth jazz—just next to the cigar bar and run by the same company, but it’s part of Divan@494. This could bring you back to the era of British gentleman’s clubs, just like in the movies. The shop specializes in top­—shelf whisky—for example 25-year-old Port Ellen, 24-year-old Macallan cask strength, Dallas Dhu and 13-year-old Ardbeg. Most of it is available by the glass. The younger stuff starts from B440, while prices skyrocket as the liquor approaches your papa’s age.

If you’re clueless about whisky but want to know more—no problem. Just ask for help from the shop assistants who can give you an idea what you’re drinking. You’ll be amazed to learn about the world of whisky—there is much more to know than just Uncle Johnnie and Chivas. Also, fine single malts don’t only come from Scotland. Whisky Priest imports the “finest” from around the globe.

If this all sounds a bit too rich for your blood, the most economical option is to buy a bottle and take it home, as this allows you to enjoy it without having to pay the B2,000 corkage fee, B38 for water, B110 for soda and coke mixers… At the very least, if you or someone you know loves whisky; keep this heaven in mind as a place to shop for a gift.

Venue Details
Address: Whisky Priest@494, Lower Lobby, Grand Hyatt Erawan, 494 Rajadamri Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 02-254-1234 ext. 494
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:30-10:30am; Sun 4-11pm
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