Uncle Tim

This quirky bar serves cocktails laced with Chinese medicine.

The Old Town’s Uncle Tim whips up signature cocktails using herb-infused vodka and Chinese medicinal ingredients—a fitting tribute to the shop-house’s former life as an apothecary. Still owned by the Tim Rueng Vej family, the property is now home to the Tim Mansion hotel upstairs and the third-generation’s latest addition: this oriental-themed bar.

Neon red signage and classic Chinese movies projecting on the curtains create the scene for concoctions like Tim Rueng Vej (B588), a mix of vodka, plum, peach and herbal syrup with a dose of the family's secret skin-nourishing and life-lengthening Chinese medicine, served in a tea set with old-school snacks.

In The Mood For Love (B337) sees vodka mixed with egg white and goji berries—said to hydrate and cure colds, while Uncle Tim (B337) utilizes elderflower for its digestive properties, mixed with vodka, lychee juice, lemon, apple and egg white topped with the bearded and bespectacled Uncle Tim logo. Pair your cocktail with drinking bites like gyoza (B160) or French fries with Sichuan pepper seasoning (B120).


Venue Details
Address: Uncle Tim, 337 Maha Chai, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 094-236-1545
Area: Rattanakosin (Old Town)
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 6-11pm
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