Tiger Club

We walked to a dark alley near Khao San, dirty and damp, then turned left as told and saw nothing but ragged houses on both sides. We were wondering whether we were on the wrong soi—no sign of the club, just houses. We walked to the house with the brightest, most prominent light and found ourselves completely in a new world. Tiger Club (Soi Choomchon Trok Bawornrangsi,) is meant by the owner to be a secret garden that only friends of friends know about. It’s located in an antique house with little renovation, and reflects the classic charm of the King Rama VI era. Being the first house in Thailand that was built from a plan, this house is over a hundred years old already and has been moved from its original location at Saochingcha. Outside the house sit retro wooden chairs and tables, all bulky and large. Some of the hosts always come meowing to greet customers at every table, including a funny cat called Hitler—you’ll know him when you see him. Inside, the air-conditioned space is filled with vintage sofas and cube chairs, quite appropriate for this hot season. The music is soft, easy-listening Thai and English songs. The food here is recommended, as most dishes are cooked spicy Thai style. Try todman talay (seafood patty with spicy sauce, B90)—the sauce is very saab—and kai takrai (fried chicken and lemongrass, B80), which gets people fighting over fried lemongrass, not the chicken. Their drinks have secret recipes, with Tiger Blood (B120) having the highest recommendation: a sweet and potent red mixture of eight different cocktails that will make you fall over before finishing your fourth glass. If you’d rather stick on the safe side, whisky should do (Black Label B1,300, Red Label B700, Sangsom B200 and B350, mixer B20). Reservations on Friday and Saturday nights are a must. If you can find Tiger Club, you can have a new place to drink sabai sabai and pay sabai sabai. Just don’t bring too many people—we don’t want it crowded anytime soon.

Venue Details
Address: Tiger Club, Soi Choomchon Trok Bawornrangsi, Bangkok,
Phone: 06-710-2506
Opening hours: daily 5pm-midnight
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