Susie Q

Blaq Lyte takes hip-hop to Khaosan with this friendly new opening.

The buzz: The team behind recently closed Blaq Lyte—Thonglor’s former most popping nightclub—have taken an unexpected turn with their latest digs on touristy Khaosan Road, where the hip-hop soundtrack remains but a more chilled and friendly atmosphere prevails.

The decor: Taking over what was decades-ago the popular Susie Pub on Khaosan offshoot, Susie Road, the guys have fought to maintain the classic ‘60s vibe with a giant disco ball in front of the DJ booth, black and white photographs, red lights aplenty and old wooden seating arrangements.

The drinks: Standard pub drinks but without the Thonglor prices. Here, you can open a bottle of Beefeater gin for B1,400; a bottle of Chivas Extra will only set you back B2,600, but you might as well get two for B3,990 since they’re offering such a huge discount. All bottle openings come with eight mixers and a bucket of ice. If bottles aren’t your thing, a pint of Chang will set you back B160, or the ultimate get-drunk cocktail, Long Island Iced Tea, only costs B200. When the kitchen is completed in the near future, “drunk food” will also be available—think burgers, fries, things you crave when you’re boozing.

The music: Exactly what Blaq Lyte used to play: hip-hop (almost) every night with something a little different on Thursdays.

The crowd: Although the music is still very Blaq Lyte, the vibe is totally different. Here, they welcome everyone—there was a table of grandpas hanging when we visited—while the cool streetwear kids from the old days have followed the music. But the point is, everyone is much friendlier in this place.

Why we’d come back: The arrival of Susie Q has made Khaosan Road more than just drinking a bucket while observing elephant pant-clad tourists making out on the street.

Venue Details
Address: Susie Q, 108, 5-6 Khao San Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02 629 2474
Area: Rattanakosin (Old Town)
Open since: September, 2018
Opening hours: daily 6pm-midnight
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