Shuu Shuu

Chinatown welcomes a bar dedicated to Japanese plum wine. 

From the owner of too-cute Nahim Cafe on Yaowarat’s Soi Nana comes a clandestine sister spot dedicated to Japan’s syrupy liquor umeshu. 

Shuu Shuu is a teensy, neon speakeasy on the ground floor of Pieces Cafe & Bed.

Five umeshu varieties are on the menu, starting with the rotating 101 (B100), an introductory, easy-to-down (here, a euphemism for very sweet) umeshu. Up from there is the premium-grade and noticeably more tangy stuff, like the 888 Aotan no Yuzushu (B200).

Get in while the bar’s still quiet.





Venue Details
Address: Shuu Shuu, Songwat Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 089-783-3099
Open since: January, 2018
Opening hours: Thu-Sat 7-11pm
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