Sake Forest

Sukhumvit's minimalist sake specialist. 

The buzz: At 100 labels, the collection of Rain Hill’s new bottle shop puts it in the class of the city’s finest sake establishments like Ekkamai’s Orihara Shoten.

The decor: With a minimalism that would do Muji proud, the veneer of bleached wood and cream walls here is only broken up for the punchy colors of the sake labels themselves. The sparse furnishings, small space and polished, quiet service will have you speaking in hushed tones as you work your way through a sake flight.

The drinks: The team at e-Shochu, purveyor of Sapporo Beer, is behind the bottle selection here. A number of the sakes are available by the glass, our favorite being the floral and well-balanced Nabeshima Lovely Label (B100/glass; B1,590/bottle), a rare find even in Japan. The Gorin Junmai Daiginjo (B1,330) has a similar if more grown up profile, coming with more body and the subtler sweetness of coconut. Upscale from there are a number of IWC winners like the elegant Sake Nabashima Daiginjo (B1,870). It’s not all sake, the place also stocks the sweet and plummy stuff like the Komasa no Sumomoshu (B1,040).

The crowd: Rain Hill’s passersby and the Japanese community.

The music: Full-on classical and nothing else.

Why you should care: Sake snobs and newcomers both can be satisfied with the breadth of selection. We recommend taking the bottle home rather than drinking there. 



Venue Details
Address: Sake Forest, 2/F, Rain Hill, Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-258-4975
Open since: November, 2017
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm
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