Ryn Speakeasy Bar

The boozy ice cream trend arrives on Sukhumvit. 

The buzz: Ryn Cafe’s not hidden behinds lockers or tucked down dark alleys—no, it presents itself as a bright little cafe and ice cream shop. What’s “speakeasy” about that? The scoops are spiked.

The decor: Take a trip back to Siam Square circa 2008, when every shop-house was an iteration of a cute 16-year-old girl’s bedroom, complete with stuffed animals, cartoony decorations, low tables, cushions and maybe a mattress on the floor. Ryn Cafe’s got all that and then some, including the owner’s Chihuahua, Khao Niew.

The drinks: There are 10 flavors total, half non-alcoholic (B80/scoop; B150 with a 15ml shot) and half made with liquor (B150/scoop; B220 with 15ml shot). Each flavor (alcoholic and not) has a suggested alcohol pairing, like in the Tin Tin gin Gin, which is gin and raspberry ice cream (think fruity sorbet with a touch of juniper) served with a half shot of gin. Chocolate lovers, get yourselves a Join the Dark Side, which combines We Got Beer ice cream (porter beer and dark chocolate) and bourbon. For a deliciously local treat, try the Khan Kluay mao vodka (lemongrass vodka, coconut and pandan) that comes with more vodka.

The crowd: Those not big on drinking but still looking for lives of fun and excitement.

Why you should care: A novel concept to bring some fun and sweetness to your nightlife.

Check out our video of Ryn below:


Venue Details
Address: Ryn Speakeasy Bar, 2/6 Sukhumvit Soi 34, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 095-151-9914
Open since: February, 2018
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 4-11pm
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