Red Bar

The buzz: On that stretch of Or Tor Kor that’s a series of gay clubs, there’s a spot that seems to have a high turnover rate—probably because the crowd doesn’t care to switch around clubs the way Thonglorites do. In this milieu, the newest club to open is Red Bar, and as we like the music, we’re hoping it’s going to last this time.

The décor: The main dance floor inside is strewn with high white tables, while the second deck is a bit different, with low tables and sofas. The white décor throughout is accented by the red carpet up on the stage. The back terrace is pretty chill, with rattan dining tables and small water fountains.

The music: Hip hop and electronic mixes in the main room on most days and live bands on Fri-Sat. Acoustic covers of Thai and international favorites on the outdoor terrace every night. Oh, and catch the cute and relatively tasteful lip-synched shows every night, too, starting from 12am.

The crowd: Rich gays in nice cars, self-confident working ladies and a smattering of straight guys. Seriously, you don’t have to be gay to drink here (though most people are) as the music steers clear of the usual, corny anthems—hopefully they won’t feel the peer pressure from neighboring clubs. Since they’ve just opened, the crowd is a bit thin, comprised mostly of the owner’s friends.

The price: Standard choice of whiskeys, like Sangsom and Johnnie Walker. Prices range from B350-1,590 (by the bottle). Beer B80-100 (by the bottle only). Mixers B30. Thai savories like laab tod ( B100) and tod mun (fried fish cakes, B150) are also available to order along with your drinks.

Why you’ll come back? The outdoor space is pretty nice, and the music is different from the diva hits and K-pop stuff playing at neighboring clubs. Vasachol Quadri

Venue Details
Address: Red Bar, Kamphaeng Phet Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 083-123-4455
Open since: October, 2011
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