Rack’em Up

Walking down RCA strip and feeling bored with hip-hop and kids? Want to find just the right place to hang out with pals? What about playing pool? Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Here comes a new venue for all those who don’t want to worry about what they’re wearing, and guess what? There aren’t even any stupid big head security guys stopping you on the front steps. Rack’em Up, the “pool and bar” on the block, boasts 16 pool tables on three stories. It fits 150 people and has two nice bars on the ground and third floor. Once you step in you will be received by the bright bar counter, and don’t worry if there are no actual people to meet and greet. Move further to the inside where the pool tables are and you’ll meet energetic staff who’ll promptly want to pamper you. Mind you,–this place has no coin-operated pool tables, but the imported and decent ones which they also use in international competitions—whatever that means. Of course, the hiso tables come a little pricier than normal ones, at B200 per hour.

Did we mention it’s a bar? The drink menu is equipped with all that’s needed, but nothing too fancy. Expect just the usual: Black Label (B1,500), Red Label (B1,000), beer (B100) and mixers (B30-40) at standard prices for this area. Unlike the third floor, which doesn’t have a very high ceiling, the airy ground floor/mezzanine won’t make you feel claustrophobic. But relax: Since the place normally isn’t packed, you’ll be able to breathe easily, even on the third floor. But if you’re thinking of sexily dressed markies, forget about it: It isn’t that kind of place. It’s rather a laid-back venue devoted to those who love to shoot some pool in nice surroundings.

Music-wise, they may not play the super cool tunes or have the hi-and-higher-fi stereo sets of some other places on the turf, but the choice of music is better than in many of the other venues. And since Rack’Em Up is not exactly a secret anymore, we highly recommend you make a reservation on weekends and competition days. The weekly competition called “9-Ball Handicap Tournament @Rack’em Up” is held on Tuesdays: everyone is invited, and the entrance fee is B500—the winner takes the biggest sum home. A VIP room is soon to come to the fourth floor, posing a slight conflict of interests: Either you want to drink and screw yourself upstairs or screw the balls downstairs. It’s up to you.

21/115-17, Royal City Avenue, Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Rd.

Venue Details
Address: Rack’em Up, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-641-5223
Opening hours: daily 6pm-1am
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