Pub 2high

The buzz: Claims to be the straightest bar for the young crowd on the strip with live music nightly. No more Girly Berry and no more cheesy gay songs. Pub 2high is all about head banging man songs now.

The décor: With 20-something sqm, you won’t find anything special in terms of decor. It’s got typical raw cement and brick walls, dark wooden furniture and a stage located just next to the door. The mezzanine gives you a bird eye’s view over the band.

Music: The band and Mr. DJ play typical hot hit songs, both Thai (Micro, Nuvo, Big Ass) and farang.

The crowd: Catering to the new market segment of the area, this bar is occupied by straight men and women who love live music. Quiet on the weekdays and not too packed on weekends (yet).

Bill: Mixers B40, Red Label B1,050, Black Label B1,700, beer B110-140, cocktails B190-500.

Why you’ll come back: If you work in Silom and want to unwind from a hectic week, love live music but are not in the mood for jazz, this could be the place for you. Also good if you don’t want to fight the student crowd just to stand and bitch about the nightly traffic at RCA. Leave your cute gig safe and sound next-door where everyone is focusing on the same sex.

Venue Details
Address: Pub 2high, Room 231/18, Sarasin Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 02-650-5006
Opening hours: daily 6pm-midnight
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