Prop Bar

Prop Bar RCA has made its name among Bangkok drinkers and partiers, but its origin is only known among a small group of people. Sitting in the middle of nowhere, Prop Bar is the first branch of the Prop family. And after its three years of success among in-the-know partiers, it was given a facelift earlier this year, maintaining its signature retro vibe.

Sitting among the relative quiet of once-happening Prachachuen, its outside look is similar to other bars in this area. But step inside and you will find yourself in the ‘70s. Like some retro furniture shop in Thonglor, every single piece of furniture—brown, orange, black, red and sky blue—is so cute and nostalgic that you will wish they were for sale. But you can’t take anything home, only choose a sofa and comfortably fling yourself onto it. As you consider the question of whether any “new” trend is really new, you’ll be reminded of the past with Britpop and alterna-hit music by bands like Radiohead, Blur, REM and Hurricane #1 (remember them?). Then there are the young waiters with Beatles-style hairdos, only messier.

Unlike its little sister in RCA, there’s no live music here, so you won’t hear cheesy Thai tunes. You also won’t see hyperactive kids hunting for sleeping partners. The mature punters here have outgrown all that—and there are a lot of them. Prop Bar is full even on Monday nights, so call ahead or go early. It’s an ideal place for catching up with friends, though later it does get a bit more rowdy when people get up and start moving their butts. Don’t expect much from the food, typical Bangkok pub fare that ranges in price from B70 to B150. But do try the Prop Bar on the Rock cocktail (B120), which is as strong as it is original.

Venue Details
Address: Prop Bar, 1003/6 Pracha Chun Soi 30, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-910-1128
Opening hours: daily 4pm-1am
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