The buzz: Located on the third floor of the football pitch at Arena 10, Play is the latest bar incarnation to try its luck in this space replacing what used to be Embassy. Definitely aiming to be a club—not a pub—it still tries to go for a chilled “friend’s place” vibe: a kind of combination of Funky Villa and Demo.

The décor: Not too dissimilar to the previous bling of the old Embassy. The outdoor zone still welcomes you from the lift with a huge chandelier and a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar. Inside, the DJ room is decked out in brown and gold leather sofas and stools dotted around the faux marble floor, while the tone in the live music space is more focused on black and silver along with plenty of flat screens.

The music: Typical house music in the DJ room but they also have an impressive live band playing the usual the hottest inter and Thai covers.

The crowd: A young Thong Lor crowd combining celebs, university students and first jobbers.

The price: Cocktails B220-480. Whiskey B1,400-10,000 (by the bottle). Beer B160-180 (by the bottle). Wine B800-1,900 (by the bottle). Champagne B1,500-25,000 (by the bottle). They also have a cocktail buffet (B899) for selected cocktails and Champagne Buffet (B999) starting from Jun 1-Aug 31.

Why you’ll come back? To be honest, the clubbing scene in Thonglor is getting a little tired and boring, especially on weekends and Play offers a pleasant alternative in a venue that’s still not too crowded. Vasachol Quadri

Venue Details
Address: Play, 3/F, Arena 10, 255/11 Thonglor 10, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-392-2529 , 081-573-1229
Open since: December, 2010
Opening hours: daily 6:30pm-1am
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