The Pintsman

The buzz: After our disappointment ––––that they didn’t open their popular winter rooftop beer garden last year, the United Center Building is back on track with the newly-opened, modern pub and sports bar run by the folks behind parties like Lush. Located on the basement floor of the building, The Pintsman offers a fresher take on pub drinking than other Silom counterparts.

The décor: The pub is handsomely decorated with high bar tables and brown-leather sofas along the side. Their outdoor zone offers only a small number of seats, but we love the huge beer barrel hanging at the entrance, it looks like real beer flowing with the yellow light-tube waterfall. And for sport fans, they have a pool table and LCD flat screens to watch games.

The music: Indie-rock favorites and classics; they even have a jukebox. The big draw musically, however, are the live-band events planned for Wednesdays and Fridays.

The price: They’d like to reward you for getting an early start to your drinking. So they came up with the Before and After 7pm price scheme. There are a lot of draught beers from which to choose: Hoegaarden, Stella, Weihenstephaner (B200/230); (Before 7pm/After), Chang, Asahi and Carlsberg (B100/140 per pint). They have a long list of imported beers by the bottle, ranging from B110-250. One of our favorites is Triple Karmeliet (B240). Also worth noting are their specialty beer cocktails, like the chocolate beer milkshake (B150).

The crowd: Silom people seeking an after-work drink and hip party-goers looking to get warmed up.

Why you’ll come back: You love proper pubs, beer, good music and sports. Plus, their new weekly party sessions, Unplugged Wednesdays and Stray Cat Fridays, with the rollback of 50s rockabilly tunes by Trix O’ Treat, are a great way to start your night. Sounds fun already, right? Vasachol Quadri

Venue Details
Address: The Pintsman, B/F, United Center Building, 323 Silom Rd., Bangkok,
Open since: January, 2012
Opening hours: daily 10am-midnight
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