Party House One

The buzz: Party House One is exactly what its name suggests. Show bartenders are a requirement, cocktails all day and night (even at 6am); it’s easy to see where the “party all the time” concept comes into play.

The décor: Bold colors and modern design let everyone know that this is a trend-setting bar. For a more intimate atmosphere, the upstairs loft area is more relaxed and you can watch, rather than be part of, the hubbub below. Chairs you can sink into add to the lounge-like atmosphere.

The music: Live music is the main entertainment, intermixed with Latino and relaxing jazz played by a DJ between sets. The band changes every few months or so, with no set musical genre.

The crowd: Expect folks with credit cards or more than enough spare cash—hence the majority of the clientele are businesspeople and young professionals. Located in a hotel, the bar has an understandable 60/40 farang-to-Thai ratio.

The bill: Over 350 cocktails on the menu, priced at B200 and up. Specialties include the Siam@Siam Martini, and the Belvedere Grape Crush. There’s also a beer buffet (B350), Black Label (B1,900), Red Label (B1,100), mixers (B150) and wines (B200/glass).

Why you’ll come back: The bartenders are more entertaining than the live band. All of that tossing of martini glasses and juggling of vodka bottles—so exciting!

Venue Details
Address: Party House One, Siam@siam, 865 Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 02-217-3000
Opening hours: daily 5am-midnight
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Party House One