Parking Toys’ Watt

An effortlessly cool addition to Ekkamai’s slightly stale nightlife scene. 

The buzz: Run by the guy formerly behind the live music institution Parking Toys, this spacious venue gets top marks for its open-air, Marrakesh-inspired bar, retro furnishings and big focus in music.  

The decor: Once an enclosed Morrocan-themed venue, the bar's had some walls knocked out giving it a more open-air vibe. Reminders of its previous incarnation remain mixed with the owner's collection of colorful 1960s-70s furniture. Pretty much like the original Parking Toys, then, only in a much bigger space.

The crowd: Many of the old clientele, including some Thai ‘80s rockers keeping an eye on the new gen.      

The music: Monday nights serve up the guitar and synth sounds of The Jackle; Tuesday it’s the folk  rock of Sweety P; Wednesday is guitar and cello from Pack Man and garage rock from Run Ran Run; Thursday is reserved for Mrs. Slave’s acoustic jams and Mommy Daddy’s Irish rock; Friday starts with soul music from The Grass Roots and Run Ran Run; Saturday welcome new house band Young Man and The Sea, Mommy Daddy and the hardcore rock of Founder and CEO; and, finally, Sunday gets all experimental with 3 Doors and the Sunday Drown. The placed opened with the Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band’s album launch last November, and was having Hifi Thai Country Band as one of their regular. Right now the temporary stopped but do expect for the comeback pretty soon.

The food and drinks: It's all about the Thai spicy food, here, including some new dishes created by the owner himself. Try the pong pia (roti stuffed with canned mackerel) or the kai jiew hor mok (omelet with steamed seafood curry) which goes well with the khao pad nam mun moo (fried rice with pork oil). For drinks, order a ban (small square bottle) of Sangsom (B350) or a small bottle of beer (Singha, Heineken and Leo, B120).        

Venue Details
Address: Parking Toys’ Watt, 164 Soonvijai Soi 14, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-318-1415, 081-814-7919
Area: Ekkamai
Open since: November, 2014
Opening hours: daily 3pm-1am
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