Nothing But The Blues

The buzz: Apart from Fat Gut’z and Iron Fairies, Thong Lor is pretty lacking in the jazz and blues department. Fortunately, a group of musicians has just opened this bar to bring a bit more soul to the party strip.

The decor: This one-room bar dedicates a third of its space to the stage, including a piano, and clearly decoration wasn’t their main focus. There are a bunch of Route 66 signs and pictures of old jazz legends to set the mood and some exposed bricks for that steamy jazz bar feel.

The music: The band, led by the owners and their friends, plays a range of blues and jazz. Anyone can join them on stage during their monthly Blues Jam Session (every last Sun of the month).

The crowd: With a mix of musicians, Japanese expats and spillover from the Yamagoya Ramen restaurant downstairs, the place can get packed especially on jam nights.

The drinks: Rather than share a bottle Thai-style, people here get their drinks at the bar. Standard cocktails are B160 with the signature Nothing But The Blues, a B52 with Blue Curacao instead of Bailey’s, (B180). Local beers are B120, Corona, Hoegaarden and Edinger B180-220. Whiskey is B120-180 by the glass. There’s also some food, like German sausage (B160-260) and choices of steak like gordon bleu (B120) and T-bone steak (B260).

Why you’ll come back: Not as serious as Saxophone, this is more like Brown Sugar in Thong Lor. And even if you’re not passionate about the blues, this tiny bar is a very cute option for an after-work drink. Vasachol Quadri

Venue Details
Address: Nothing But The Blues, 141 Thonglor Soi 13, Bangkok,
Phone: 084-033-5228
Opening hours: daily 5-11pm
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