My Corner Bar & Bistro

The buzz: Hoping to catch the overspill from recently-opened retail playground, Paradise Park, My Corner Bar & Bistro combines a stylish eatery with a bar, and brings the trends of 2007 to the city’s outskirts.

The décor: It’s another converted shophouse with a retro treatment. The wide front porch features a few faux wicker sofas while the high-ceilinged interior continues the vintage theme with the whole Victorian wallpaper and picture-less frames thing. The earth tone palette gives a warm, friendly vibe to this airy and open space.

The music: A live band plays the usual mix of local and international hits every Tue and Sat nights. The rest of the time, you’ll get the usual popsanova.

The crowd: Weary shoppers from Paradise Park and a chill crowd from the neighborhood.

The price: Cocktails B180, whiskey B1,200, beer B80. Fusion food starts from B80.

Why you’ll come back: If you live in the city, you probably won’t hike out this far. But if you’re visiting Paradise Park, this place is a cute spot to hang out.

Venue Details
Address: My Corner Bar & Bistro, 123 Sri Nakarin Rd. 3, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-399-4762
Open since: September, 2010
Opening hours: daily 4pm-midnight
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