Life’s II Short

For quite some time RCA has been at the epicenter of Bangkok’s nightlife notoriously famous for its electric dance floors, scantly clad teenagers, crowded venues, ear-shattering music and then some. But lately, a different breed of nightlife partygoers is challenging the typical bar scene. For those who’d rather enjoy live music and comfortable seating as opposed to jamming closely with sweaty strangers and dancing in front of bathrooms, because there’s nowhere else to dance, look to the smaller and cozier venues as popular chill-out alternatives. Along with great places like Ratri Samosoarn—with true and loyal fans bunching in nightly—another contender has just joined the ranks daringly setting itself directly opposite the aboriginal Route 66.

Much smaller in scale, Life’s II Short (21/76 Block C, Royal City Avenue, Rama 9 Rd.) isn’t all that busy or hyped with buzz but like sparkling Champagne, it’s still got its fizz especially after 4 months in. The mellow bar is not 100% neat and tidy but has a more simple and homey feel to it. Mainly covered in unfinished concrete, the first three floors are highlighted with square shaped hanging lamps, pillows and chairs—all in vibrant colors. Kill time as you drink by perusing over its blackboards where visitors leave lovely, funny, and sometimes dirty testimonials. If you’ve got the itch to leave youre two-cents on the board or just want to leave a memento of yourself there, pastel chalk is available, just ask the waiters. Outside, it’s more conversational and an all-around place to stock up on the eye-candy, but you can’t help but be annoyed with all those heart thumping hip-hop beats from Route 66’s loudspeakers on Fridays and Saturdays. They’ve got an eclectic mix of music here ranging from Big Ass, Potato, Christina Aguilar, J Jetrin, to Go West and Dido. The food is good and not too pricey, try the Afro shimp for B120. Their cocktails aren’t too shabby (we like its Ice Berg, a blue sour and minty drink) B120.

If you’re lazy and you know it, you’re definitely not going to make the super-trek to travel that far to RCA—no MRT, no BTS—just to chill out. And there’s nothing really exciting or wonderful about the place; it’s just nice, laid-back and easy. But if you feel bored and would rather do something productive with your time instead of waiting in line for ignorant thug bouncers to check your ID and bag at Route 66, you can walk right across the street to this bar. Or you can hit it just like foreplay prior to your wild night at Astra—where, as we all know, it’s always dead before 10pm. Even if it’s not on your list to visit RCA, life’s too short to not try new things, you know?

Venue Details
Address: Life’s II Short, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-641-5095
Opening hours: daily 5:30-2:46pm
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