Thonglor’s hottest new cocktail bar has arrived.

The buzz: The team that brought us Rabbit Hole and Canvas has teamed up with Kitibordee “Gov” Chortubtim of Backstage and Krit “Joey” Parkobdee of Tropic City to bring us one of the most advanced cocktail menus we’ve ever come across.

The decor: The elevator opens on the fourth floor to a dimly-lit, mysterious venue with dark decor and furnishings. You’re likely to walk around the long, curved corner bar to marvel at an entire wall filled with spirit bottles, and wish this is what your living room looked like. We recommend taking a seat at the bar, so that you can quiz Gov and Joey on their creations.

The drinks: Here, they firmly believe that single ingredients can offer many different dimensions, depending on how the flavor is extracted. Cocktails are inspired by famous propaganda posters from history, like the low-ABV Shhhhzzzz, which is based on the WWII-era “Silence Means Security” poster, featuring a woman in military attire with her finger to her lips. The finger is playfully referenced in a cordial created from sous-vide Thai finger root and finger leaf, resulting in a surprising green mango peel flavor, mixed with Tio Pepe (a type of fortified wine), umeshu and apricot liqueur. The 1939 “Dig On for Victory” wartime initiative, in which governments encouraged citizens to grow their own vegetables, becomes the basis for Vegan War, a cocktail made with clarified tomato and sous-vide red cabbage. For the base, re-distilled sweet basil is mixed with vodka, with a dash of carrot cordial for sweetness. Two new menus are promised by the end of Jan: Plot Twist, which will utilize waste ingredients from the propaganda menu, and the Explorer, which will traverse the unthinkable by extracting flavor from ingredients like giant water bugs (mang da—often used to make Thai nam prik). All signature cocktails are priced at B390.

The crowd: Serious cocktail heads.

Why we’d come back: With their diverse use of refined culinary techniques to create inventive flavors, this is arguably the most advanced cocktail bar in Bangkok right now. Everything about this place is impressive and we can’t wait to go back and try more drinks.

Venue Details
Address: Liberation, Piman 49, Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 093-654-2500
Area: Phrom Phong
Open since: November, 2018
Opening hours: daily 6pm-12:30am
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