Kacho Bar

The buzz: The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel might have been around for 20 years but its nightlife scene just got a fresh injection of cool with the opening of this charming lounge on the 37/F. Situated next to their Japanese izakaya, also named Kacho, the bar is a great place to continue a night of sake and Japanese drinking food. Particularly exciting is the fact that they are also making use of their outdoor rooftop area to host weekly parties, letting you strut your stuff on the open air dance floor while admiring the view and enjoying the breeze.

The décor: Kacho are a type of flower, and the restaurant side of the space mimics a small rural village: heavy on the wood and floral motifs with fake bamboo bushes dotting the hallway. The bar follows a similar concept but is dominated by the large suede sofa seats that flank a huge glass wall with panoramic views of Bangkok. As for the large rooftop space, it is really just a helipad painted in white with a moveable DJ booth and cocktail bar. Still the views are great—and it does offer a blank canvas for wild party visuals.

The music: Smooth, groovy house in the main room from residents. The rooftop party normally covers everything from hip hop and R&B to more upbeat sounds like electro, progressive house and drum n’ bass from renowned Bangkok DJs like Jay Montonn, Joni Anwar and To-Ru.

The crowd: Hotel residents might be the main crowd during weekdays but weekend events see young and fun-loving Thai and farang party people.

The price: The bar offers a standard drink list with cocktails, whiskey and wines starting from B200 by the glass.

Why you’ll come back: Their weekly event is already getting a good buzz. Plus the temporary beer garden on the roof is an intriguing new space to grab a brew during the winter season (through Feb 29 only). Vasachol Quadri

Venue Details
Address: Kacho Bar, 37/F, The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, 199 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-261-9000
Opening hours: daily 5-11pm
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