The buzz: As if Pra Arthit Rd. didn’t have enough chill nightspots, Jhamjun Bar & Bistro offers an open rooftop from which to appreciate the bright lights of Phra Nakorn, with Pom Phrasumen and Rama VIII Bridge in sight.

The décor: On entering the boutique Fortville Guesthouse, take the old-fashioned elevator (which you have to pull closed yourself) up to the fifth floor, and there it is—the cozy two-level rooftop venue. The first level features a raw concrete floor with dark-hued wood and steel furniture and a little raised area with low tables and cushions for seats. If you’re not only a romantic but also an optimist, and you want to get closer to the stars, head upstairs. Here, the floor is entirely artificial turf and the tables are low, so you’ll have to pull up a rattan pouf. The quiet spot is ideal for couples to eat, talk, and Instagram, as the dim lighting highlights the sky above and the city lights below. There are kerosene lamps on each table, as well as flashlights to help you browse the menu. Some dishes also come with lights attached.

The music: A duo plays acoustic covers of standard indie fare like Scrubb, Groove Riders, and Friday I’m In Love—you name it—before making way for a more unpredictable playlist, most likely a staff member’s iPod on shuffle. So, it’s highly possible that you’ll hear the innocent pop sounds of Project H go back-to-back with the effortlessly cool house of Daft Punk.

The crowd: Expats staying at Fortville Guesthouse, couples looking for an intimate spot amid the crowded clubs of Pra Arthit, and party-goers looking to line their stomachs with more than fancy cocktails.

The price: After a long day of work and sitting in traffic, you might want something effortlessly washed down with drinks: sink your teeth into some deep fried pork leg (B325), served with spicy seafood sauce and mustard, or fried shrimp with a light dressing (B135). Continuing the fried theme, through slightly lighter, are the sajor-caju mushrooms dipped and fried in breadcrumbs (B100), which look and taste just like onion rings. Accompany your meal with local beers like Singha (B210 a jug). Cocktails are also available: phra jan tem jai (B180) is a sweet, slightly acidic combination of orange liqueur, lime juice, and syrup, while Honeybee (B150) also comprises orange liqueur and lime juice, along with white rum and honey.

Why you’ll come back: There aren’t too many rooftop views of Phra Nakorn that match Jhamjun’s. If you’re afraid of the rainy season, they do have a retractable awning. The prices are reasonable and on top of the music, they also have a projector screen for all the live sports action. Benjamaporn Meekaeo

Venue Details
Address: Jhamjun, 5/F, Fortville Guesthouse, Phra Sumen, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-282-3933
Area: Rattanakosin (Old Town)
Opening hours: daily 5pm-midnight
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