I Hate Pigeons

Finally, a Sathorn Soi 1 bar with a bit of taste. 

The buzz: Finally, a Sathorn Soi 1 bar with a bit of taste. Run by two former members of the Spicy Disc band The Messenger, the bizarrely named I Hate Pigeons brings the craft beer craze to this expat-heavy neighborhood amid an easygoing-yet-cool dive bar atmosphere.

The decor: Taking over a once-abandoned shophouse barely stumbling distance from the notorious nightspot Wong's, the bar goes for a considerably younger and artier vibe than what you typically find in the area: bare cement, all-black furniture, minimalist wall murals and lots of trippy visuals. The second floor is still under construction, but is planned to be a vintage clothing shop.     

The music: Wide ranging but well selected, owing to the owners’ musical background. Britpop and rock in the early hours, more electronic sounds as the night the wears on.        

The crowd: A motley mix of Thais and expats, mostly living in the neighborhood.           

The drinks: The bottles come from the city's familiar importers. Check the chalkboard above the bar for what’s in stock. Here, they categorize brews according to mouthfeel, especially helpful for those new to the craft beer game. Hoppy picks include Lervig’s Hoppy Joe (B265) and Brewdog’s Punk IPA (B265), while full-bodied brews span Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale (B265) to Lervig Konrads Stout (B295). Fruity options include Chapeau Peche and Brother’s cider, while other crisp and freshing bottles include Deschutes’ Chainbreaker (B265), Brewdog’s Dead Pony (B265), Carlsberg (B110) and Tiger (B110). Basic cocktails and whiskey by the bottle are also available; try the Improved Whiskey (B380), an Old Fashioned-style drink made with bourbon and quite a significant amount of absinthe. The bar opens from 8-11pm on Monday, too, but only as a grab-and-go bottle shop (15-percent off too!).      

The food: There's no proper kitchen, but you can order drinking snacks like cabbage dip (B40) and cheese platters served with olives and crackers (Provolone, B120/30g or fourme d’ambert, B130/30g), plus the occasional special dish. Vasachol Quadri   

Venue Details
Address: I Hate Pigeons, 34/2 Sathorn Soi 1 (Sribumphen), Bangkok,
Phone: 097-234-8067
Area: Sathorn
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 4pm-midnight; Mon 7-10pm
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