Harlem Shakers

The buzz: Taking its name from the 2013 viral sensation, Harlem Shakers serves up artisanal sandwiches by day and a bouncing bar by night. Owned by Krirkphol “Fluke” Masayavanich, who is also behind the luxurious The Bar & The Restaurant, Harlem Shakers goes for a younger, more laidback atmosphere with street culture as the main theme of the place—think industrial décor, graffiti and a hip hop soundtrack.  

The décor: A New York underground vibe, only cleaner and brighter than you might expect. Down in the basement,  the place features a raw concrete floor, brick walls painted white and covered with graffiti, and metal stools surrounding oil drums for tables. Take the silver metal stairs up to the first floor and you’ll find an outdoor zone with sets of rattan sofas, candle light and sheesha on offer.   

The music: Hip hop, of course. They presently have DJs spinning all things old school on Friday-Saturday after 6pm, while hours will be extended to all-day and every day after the grand opening end of March.  

The crowd: Nearby office workers coming for grab-and-go sandwiches during the day. Hi-so kids and pre-gaming Thonglorites at night.    

The price: The drinks puts the focus on eight signature cocktails designed by mixologist Joseph Boroski. Expect gimmicky names like the Hipster (mojito with a little twist by using mint-infused syrup, B380) and Bad Boy (gin and syrup topped with tequila foam, B380). Boroski also goes molecular with the likes of Swag (B380), which looks just like a classic Old Fashioned but is served with liquid nitrogen for a smoky presentation and Gold Digger (B380), a base of vodka, orange juice, lime juice and honey topped with berry pearls. To go with the booze, the sandwiches here are made by Chef Sid Sivanandam (the guy behind Sid’s Sandwiches) and feature artisanal ingredients from the likes of—you guessed it—Jean Maison Philippe (buns) and Joe Sloane (sausages), so you can be pretty sure of their quality. Take an easy option like the Are You Crazy (smoked ham and mozzarella, B220) or CUL8R (smoked pastrami and avocado, B320), or go for the real deal with the Rich Kids of BKK (either wagyu and foie gras or fresh lobster and caviar, B850).

Why you’ll come back: It’s a good option if you’re looking to kickstart a weekend drinking session, especially if you’re willing to go without a serious dinner. While Sid’s Sandwiches stop his delivery, wouldn’t it be better to have it freshly made, along with a cocktail and in a happening atmosphere? Things should heat up nicely, too, as they plan to throw more and more parties featuring well-known DJs.

Venue Details
Address: Harlem Shakers, Basement/F, Eight Thonglor, Thonglor Soi 8, Bangkok,
Opening hours: daily 9am-midnight
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