The buzz: It's a welcome alternative to Soi 2, providing an even harder, more intense clubbing experience. The acronym stands for Guys on Display, which could either be you, with your shirt off on the dancefloor, or any of the four muscled hunks that bare all (or almost) nightly. There’s also a cabaret drag show at midnight. Don't bother showing up before 2am, after DJ Station has closed.

The décor: On the ground floor, devilish flames lick the stage and bar while a single gilded cage sits on the dancefloor. You’re in hell, baby. Climb all the way to the 3rd floor and you’re greeted with a lot of white and silver. This must be heaven. From there, walk the circular balconies for a downward view on the sea of bodies below.
The music: Thumping happy gay house mixed by a rotation of three DJs (Max, Peck, and V) should keep you high as a kite to the very end.

The crowd: “Anything in a sweat, shirtless, high and drunk,” according to diva-manager Loulou Ferrari, which could be insomniac flight attendants, locals “who seem like partying is the only thing they do in life” or just tourists. One thing is sure: no boy scouts.

Why you’ll come back: G.O.D is definitely the place to go for late night clubbing. It’s gay, busy, hot, and loud—the way a good club for boys who like boys should be.

Venue Details
Address: G.O.D, Room 60/18-21, Silom Soi 2/1, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-632-8033
Area: Silom
Opening hours: daily 9pm-5am
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