Fin Gusto

The buzz: Situated on Thonglor Soi 10, opposite Muse, this bar, which started out as The Wine Bar before becoming Blue Jazz Bar, has now entered its third reincarnation as Fin Gusto. The makeover sees the original management team join with the group behind Sodsamo, but little has really changed.

The décor: Pretty much the same as The Wine Bar, which we previously described as a painfully on-trend mix of country chic and gentleman’s club—just imagine you’re having a drink at Casa Pagoda. While some of the Louis XIV-style chairs still sit to one side of the indoor space, we’re pleased that the Union Jack-printed sofas and proper dining tables have been replaced by a bunch of taller club tables to give the place a livelier vibe. The outdoor garden seating, fake grass and big screen remain the same.         

The music: Thai and international chart hits mixed with 90s oldies. Live bands perform 8:30-10pm on weekdays, with a second band taking over 11pm-12:30am on Fri-Sat.

The crowd: Sodsamo regulars and Thonglor-types of a slightly older vintage than the crowds at nearby Muse.

The price: Whiskey by the bottle starts with Johnnie Walker Black Label at B1,990 and goes up to Johnnie Walker XR 21 Years at B9,990. Mixers B60. Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Leffe are available on tap for B160/250 per half pint/pint, while local beers by the bottle start from B160-250. There’s a bit more variety when it comes to the food menu, which contains both Thai and international favorites like spaghetti carbonara (B220), pan fried scalop wrapped with bacon salad with Japanese dressing (B350), roast beef with black pepper (B450) and deep fried banana samosa served with vanilla ice-cream (B120). Sheesha (B390) comes in mint, grape, apple and melon flavors. 

Why you’ll come back: It’s yet another place in Thonglor to enjoy a puff of sheesha amid a relatively laidback crowd lulled by the easy-listening soundtrack. Vasachol Quadri

Venue Details
Address: Fin Gusto, 123 Thonglor Soi 10 (opposite Muse Thonglor), Bangkok,
Opening hours: daily 5pm-midnight
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