Feeling Bar

Ari’s feeling it with yet another hot new opening

It’s all go in Ari these days, as proven by yet another new opening. A glowing “How are you feeling tonight?” sign coaxes you inside the neon-drenched venue, where your mood will be guided nightly by the music: Tuesdays are “relaxed” (pop/chill); Wednesdays are “missed” (‘90s-’00s); Thursdays are “blues”; Fridays are “happy” (all-time hits with a live band); and Saturdays are “excited” (today’s hits with a live band). Don’t let the frivolous atmosphere fool you, because here they take their food and drink seriously, featuring cocktails (B240) and Japanese-inspired dishes like the roasted pork ribs with cinnamon and pickled radish (B320).

Venue Details
Address: Feeling Bar, Soi Ari 4, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 082-425-1515
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 5pm-midnight
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