F Orange

Phra Khanong's friendly, neighborhood bar for dirt-cheap drinking.

The buzz: This dive bar behind the community of Soi Sukhumvit Plus 2, stumbling distance from BTS Phra Khanong, has perfected low-key, no frills drinking.

The decor: The converted shophouse sports a short bar, couches and a few seats for a mood that will remind you of drinking at a friend’s apartment. Don’t mind the strange paraphernalia (a skeleton, among other things) and look instead to the collection of skateboards and art, which includes pieces by French graphic designer Jean Jullien.

The drinks: In the interest of keeping things cheap, the bar here goes for heavy-hitting basics like the Mojito (B200), the Pina Colada and the Tequila Sunrise (B160), which are sure to knock out your night.

The music: The soundtrack's eclectic to say the least. DJs spin everything from Japanese disco to Brit-rock while, come the weekend, guest indie artists such as Yellow Fang are known to invade the cramped stage. 

The crowd: Artists, beatmakers, indie kids and Goja fans looking for a slight change of scenery. 

Why you should care: It’s a perfect place to drink when you’re looking for a simple evening with friends. You can come alone, too, and hang out with Spielberg’s alien, E.T.  Neon Boonyadhammakul

Venue Details
Address: F Orange, 1112/4 Soi Plus 1, Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 081-874-6123
Area: Phra Khanong
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8pm-midnight
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