The buzz: One of Ekkamai’s favorite drinking spots, Escobar always has been the sweet escape for suffocating clubbers from Nang Len—until it submerged into the sounds of renovation a few months back. Now it’s back and ready to satisfy its fans with an interior face-lift and a few tweaks in the DJ station.

The décor: The usual blue-lights-on-black look has been replaced with the much more hiso colors of maroon and brown. The blinding blue beams that used to light up the place are gone, and it now feeds on floor lights instead. Sorry pool fans: Better teach yourself how to play air hockey.

The music: Esco-fans can groove to house and trance on Mondays and Fridays, while hip hoppers are better off showing up on busy Fridays and Saturdays. What’s the new catch, you say? In addition to the house DJs, special spinner guests will also be popping by to get the music going. Also expect live guitars and horn to spice up the night.

The crowd: Escobar used to be a source of fresh air for kids who could not take the heat in Nang Len, but now it attracts pretty much anyone who actually wants to sit, chill and have a drink. Escobar attracts a much more mature crowd than its neighbors, with curious farangs occasionally joining the fun.

The bill: Red Label B900, Black Label B1,400, beers B140, mixers B50. Escobar special cocktails are B240, while basic cocktails are B180 each.

Why you will come back: Reliable place to browse for cuties, have a drink and enjoy the music. During the week it’s bearable but the weekends can get a little crazy, so be warned!

Venue Details
Address: Escobar, Room 217/1-3, 63 Sukhumvit, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-711-6564
Area: Ekkamai
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 5:30pm-1am
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