Envy Bar

We all commit or have committed at least one of the seven deadly at one time or another, but what if you could enjoy them guilt-free night after night? There’s a new place where devils can play and even angels can be naughty, called Envy Bar (100 Ratchdamri Rd., Patumwan). Don’t be scared off by the rumors of exclusivity at 100 Rajdamri—not just anyone can go, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be stopped at the gate of the compound. Once you’re in, it’s a whole different world, with a manicured garden, patio seating and three classy looking restaurants. Toward the back near the loos is an outdoor staircase leading to the second floor. Climb it. The entrance is a huge and heavy leather door, a gateway to another completely different scene, like being in some posh London club—but not in a stuffy way. Hopefully size doesn’t matter to you, because the red-walled room is thin and long, with tables down the middle like some boarding school dining room and black leather-covered chairs on either side. Alternatively, there are seats in the back at the bar across from the DJ booth; it’s much more spacious here so you can mingle. They’re not proper bartenders, but the bar staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Try Envy the Angel (B220), a light and fruity cocktail that will start your night off smoothly; if you’re feeling naughty then opt for a super-stiff long island ice tea (B260) made with—count ‘em—eight spirits. The sound system is top-notch, pumping out ecstatic progressive house spun by Mister DJ. Well-poured drinks and well-played music not enough for you? Add to your sins with an imported cigar, you devil, and let your mind drift off into smoky, smug space. Sorted. Prices range from B120 for a mixer to B15,000 for a bottle of Champagne, and bottles of Black and Chivas (fight! fight! fight!) are B1,500. Happy hours: 7-9pm daily (buy one, get one).

Venue Details
Address: Envy Bar, 100 Ratchdamri Rd., Patumwan, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-252-4228
Opening hours: daily 6pm-midnight
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