Einstein Cafe

The buzz: Located on the second floor of new community mall The Nine, Einstein Café combines German, Italian, Thai and vegetarian dishes with a selection of European brews. The Nine is also home to Est. 33’s new branch, but Einstein Café has a more laid-back, bright and airy vibe.

The décor: More a restaurant than a bar in terms of décor, it’s filled with wooden tables along one wall and a long leather sofa along the other. The giant white wall prominently displays Einstein’s famous relativity formula, but the physics concept suggested in the name pretty much ends there. There’s also a small outdoor seating area with garden benches.

The music: Loungey tunes and bossa nova.

The crowd: ABAC students, office workers and Rama 9 residents.

The price: Imported draft beers (Hoegaarden and Stella Artois) B220/pint and imported bottled beers B160-250.

Why you’ll come back: Belgian beers are now everywhere, so that alone might not bring you back here. But the homelike atmosphere and proper, affordable food options make it attractive for those who live in the area.

Venue Details
Address: Einstein Cafe, 2/F, The Nine neighborhood center, Rama 9 Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 087-812-1000, 02-716-7850
Open since: July, 2011
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