Do Not Disturb

This motel-themed bar serves up EDM from local DJs as well as live bands. 

Located behind the long-standing Nunglen Bar, Do Not Disturb is a club specializing in EDM from local DJs as well as live bands. 

It is decorated under a motel concept, with ten fake hotel doors to keep visitors guessing as to the real entrance and an interior divided into the different zones of a hotel.

The bar is a bit pricey on first looking at the menu, but bottles come with free-flow mixers all night. The upstairs yakiniku bar Kukuu (Open 6pm-1am) is inspired by the iconic Japanese film Always and comes complete with an outdoor balcony.

Venue Details
Address: Do Not Disturb, Behind Nunglen and Escobar, Ekkamai Soi 5/1, Bangkok,
Phone: 094-414-9266
Area: Ekkamai
Open since: September, 2014
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 7pm-1am
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