Decibel Pub and Restaurant

Are you getting bored with answering to your daddy every time you’re planning on hanging out late on a Saturday night? Poor thing. Here’s a novel solution: just drag your dad with you to Decibel Pub and Restaurant and he won’t be able to complain! Decibel belongs to Tao Sunate Burakasikorm, the former drummer of the ‘70s band Chocolate. His new bar promises all the style and sounds of the ‘70s, taking patrons back to the era of big hair and bell-bottoms.

Park your VW Beetle out front and climb the spiral staircase; Decibel houses the whole second floor of the building. The area looks like it has been transformed from an old theater with a wood floor, cheeky colored walls and beverage counter, and a dance floor in front of the stage where many khun pa in spaghetti straps are doing the hustle. Find your dad a seat in E Zone, where the music sounds grooviest, and grab yourself a drink: Johnnie’s family is B1,300-1,900, Heineken is B180 per bottle and tequila is B1,200-3,000. Food specialties include larb kua tuna (B90), nam kradook muu on (B80), thawt man koong (B120) and koong sadung fai (spicy grilled prawn salad, B180).

The bands Decibel, Kaleidoscope and Flash perform tunes of the era nightly from 8pm onward. Prepare to shake your hips and sing along with the Eagles, Elton John, and the Carpenters, as these are favorites of the house. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to see a live performance from the legendary Olarn Project or P’Pun Paiboonkiat, as they are good friends of the owner.

Not to worry if your Camaro is in the shop—getting there is easy via MRT. Just get off at Lard Phrao station and Decibel is just across the street in Soi 23. Treat him well and maybe dad won’t enforce a strict curfew—unlike us.

Venue Details
Address: Decibel Pub and Restaurant, 991/1 Soi 23 (Lad Phrao), Bangkok,
Phone: 02-938-9952/-3
Opening hours: daily 5pm-midnight
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