The buzz: Will the five-star hotel St. Regis grab clients from Four Seasons’ Aqua? They're definitely aiming for a similarly hiso clientele but their focus is clearly on wine: Decanter claims it has the longest wine list in town, a selection of which you can see in the showcase cellars. Also, the stunning view of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club is hard to beat.

The décor: Totally Boardwalk Empire: an elegant gentlemen’s club in the 1920s, with an air of refinement--wood floor, plush carpets, silk-covered walls, velvet high-back chairs, leather sofas and classic chandeliers--but also of speakeasy decadence--the private rooms are some of the darkest in town. The space is also hugged by glass wine cellar showcases covering the walls and divided into three chambers, two of which can be closed for private functions.

The music: Sophisticated jazz, of course.

The crowd: Well-heeld wine lovers in tailored jackets and gowns.

The price: Naturally, a very wide variety. New World and New Lattitude wines (Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Thailand) actually start from around B1,800/bottle while some old vintages go back to 1980 and cost B200,000. A glass of wine starts from B360.

Why you’ll come back: The dark, sexy decor has the velvety smoothness of a great Bordeaux. Guests here are obviously wanting privacy, though. If you're famous--or if your dad is--this is the perfect place to blow your cash.Top Koaysomboon

Venue Details
Address: Decanter, 12/F, St. Regis Hotel, 159 Ratchadamri Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 02-207-7829
Open since: September, 2011
Opening hours: daily 4pm-12:30am
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