Copper Bar

Inventive cocktails from Vogue Lounge's former mixologist.

This new experimental bar comes from craft cocktail guru Fabio Brugnolaro (Sul; Vogue Lounge)

Sleek pops of black, red, copper and hand-drawn artworks punctuate the light wood-and-gray interior, centered around a sweeping curved bar. Pull up an elegant gold bar stool to sample concoctions like the signature named for his partner in crime and co-owner, Fernie (B380)—a mix of fresh basil, gin, camomile liquer, apple and lemon juice, honey, celery bitters, Fernet-Branca and egg white. Fabio also whips up customized cocktails (B380-420) and many of his ingredients are homemade—spirits, vermouths, syrups, garnishes, liquors, you name it. 

A new signature drink menu is set to launch in early October, with a zero-waste bent. Sneak peek: "Undead #2" (a twist on a classic Corpse Reviver #2) will mix zero-waste amber vermouth made from flat sparkling wine and tonic and the remainder of unused red and white wines, “fake absinthe”—a blend of herbs and spices that would usually be thrown out—and homemade orange Curacao.

Bonus: they also have Cards Against Humanity. 



Venue Details
Address: Copper Bar, 49/9 Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 083-072-2770
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 5pm-midnight
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