Connection Bar

If life’s a feast, then Connection Bar (396/4 Narathiwas Rd., Chong Nonsri) is its shameless culmination. Making an audacious statement about the limits of presentation, this world of conflicts and contradictions pitches classical theatrics against chic decadence. As if to inquire what an outsider would think of all this, a microphone curiously points to a replica of the Mona Lisa, while the opposite wall displays a series of oil paintings depicting famous Thai personalities, portrait-style. Velvety maroon curtains descend from the ceilings and corridors, fiercely competing for attention against walls of the same color. A Victorian-style chandelier suspends from the ceiling, above which glare down theater spotlights, ensuring no shortage of illumination in this proud-to-be-loud space. The mezzanine is a world all its own, with a leather sectional on one end, and a few smaller seating setups at the other. Lime green walls are ordained with movie posters, liquor signs, Hindu deities, oil paintings, and other random embellishments.

Feeling deluged yet? Well, the remarkable thing is that this tangled disarray of a hangout somehow works. Aside from redefining the concept of hodgepodge décor, the bands, good food and buzzing atmosphere ensure consistent throngs—especially the live music, which changes daily. Whether you’re feeling the Monday Blues, Tuesday Acoustics, Wednesday Bossa-Nova, Thursday/Friday Jazz, Saturday Flamingo or Sunday Freestyle, there’s something here for everyone. Reservations are heavily advised on the weekends, as this place packs up quick, and the patrons stay long. Standard cocktails hover around B120, while domestic beer will run you about B100. Foodwise, it’s standard Thai fare with an urban twist. Try the pla kraphong thawt takrai or pla chon samun prai, both of which come heavily recommended and looked sumptuously delectable.

If life’s too short for the subtle, and sensory overload is the way of the 21st century, then you may just feel connected at Connection Bar.

Venue Details
Address: Connection Bar, 396/4 Narathiwas Rd., Chong Nonsri, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-285-3238
Opening hours: daily 4pm-midnight
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