The buzz: Quickly following Beer Mansion in the much-hyped haunted house-slash-community mall Mansion 7, Cocktail does exactly what it says on the tin: serving up fanciful and inventive drinks created by award-winning mixologists. Plus, its industrial chic décor gives it plenty of personaltiy when compared to the many hotel bars in the neighborhood.

The décor: Fitting right in with the complex’s sepulchral theme, Cocktail is like a scrubbed-up sibling to Thong Lor’s eerie Iron Fairies, with cold, hard industrial elements like unpolished concrete floors, metal frames and functioning factory fans. Like its neighbor Beer Mansion, the bar benefits from an imposingly high ceiling, making the steep spiral staircase appear even more dramatic. There’s a VIP nook on the upper floor for those in need of some privacy.

The music: Loungey background tunes during the day; then it’s hard house numbers as the evening grows older.

The crowd: Cocktail lovers, savvy office workers and Ratchada’s night revelers.

The price: Cocktails start from B200.

Why you’ll come back:

Finally, well-crafted cokctails and a bold decor in a bar that is not in Thong Lor or lower Sukhumvit.

Venue Details
Address: Cocktail, Mansion 7, 244/7 Ratchadaphisek, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-275-0779
Open since: November, 2010
Opening hours: daily 11am-11pm
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