Club Sugar

Being a Bangkokian, you’re probably quite used to weird and wacky names. Whether it’s Samitivej Hospital’s “Touches to Remember” slogan, which invokes some pretty uncomfortable images of the way you’ve been touched in hospitals, or Siam Paragon’s tag, “The Glorious Phenomenon”, where the opening of a mall feels more like the second coming of Christ it can be safely said that in Bangkok, we’ve got a quite a knack for inflated titles.

So it was with some caution that we visited a club formerly known as Place of Fun (POF). New management has moved full speed ahead with the reincarnation of POF, giving the new space a more candied moniker, Club Sugar.

Located midway down Sukhumvit Soi 24, Club Sugar aims to be the new destination for international hip-hop/R&B artists, as well as a breeding ground to showcase budding local talent. The revamped club initially features two regular nights, themed “50 Cent Fridays”, with DJ-driven music for the hip and down crowd, and “Eye Candy Saturdays”, with MC Christina (CYT) offering live performances of jazz, soul, R&B and funk music, among others. In addition, the club will also be open for special events such as product launches, film premiers and live musical events, with Akon and Fabulous in the pipeline for their Bangkok debut.

Barring a few interior cosmetic changes, the overall structure and setup of the 600+ capacity space remains the same. Three floors of slick and modern concrete, and the main stage located on the first floor, which is the focal point of the club. An expansive second floor balcony is reserved for the VIPs during special events, while the third floor balcony serves as the backup spillover space.

If you’re lucky (or simply there with P. Diddy or J.Lo), you may get offered the house’s complementary and much touted strawberries & chocolate. A full bar offers standard drinks at reasonable prices (B70 domestic beer, B140-180 for cocktails). So when you’re up for being down, Club Sugar may be a sweet destination for you indeed.

Venue Details
Address: Club Sugar, 2 Soi 24 (Sukhumvit), Bangkok,
Phone: 02-261-5212
Opening hours: daily 5-2:39pm
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