Club 420

The super-macho trio Thaitanium step into the nightlife industry, and we couldn’t be happier. At long last, they bring us Club 42, a reggae and hip-hop club. Expect some jaw dropping when you first enter the place because of its huge size. It’s spacious, with high ceilings, dark tones, lots of black lights, piles of speakers on two sides, Jamaican-influenced décor and DJ booth in the middle of the hall. This place isn’t about mass-market appeal, but filling an as yet empty niche in alternative nightlife options. OK, you still can hear some commercial hip-hop music, but Mr. DJ isn’t here to please everyone. The owners actually encourage DJs to play whatever they like in order to expand our musical horizons—think unknown songs with nice tunes. The hall can accommodate up to 1,000 clubbers, and in the VIP section on the left, high-fliers can enjoy a private bar, leopard-print sofa seating, brighter lighting (enough to spot a pimple) and a beach landscape on the wall. The bar is located at the far end of the hall and, like the DJ booth, it sports a thatched roof that brings to mind a South American resort destination. There’s also sushi bar to the left of the door, serving fresh sushi and sashimi (B50-1,000). If you’re bored with Black Label (B1,600) and Chivas (B1,600), go for a nice chilled sake (B400/bottle) or traditional Japanese Shochu (B200/glass). Mixers are B50 and beer is B200 (Heineken). The place is co-owned by the Thaitanuim guys and their Japanese friends, and they aim to bring the reggae/hip-hop trend, now hot in Japan, to the Bangkok scene. DJs from Japan are set to perform at this very unique place monthly and of course, sometimes the Thaitay dudes hit the DJ booth, too.

Venue Details
Address: Club 420, 1860/26 Petchaburi Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 02-716-6067/-8
Opening hours: daily 6pm-1am
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