Room 25 was a hip place until it died; but in its absence we prayed to the God of Darkness to give us something new and hyped. Well, just like he/she had heard our fervent and relentless prayer, there now is Cliq, with the new faces of their management team bringing a different crowd to the scene. Actually, most of them know each other, they are just friends of the partner, so don’t be surprised if you go there and feel like everyone knows each other but you. Not much has changed in terms of overall look or feel, but if monitoring closely, you’ll see that it has been extended a little at the front, the stage is moved from the middle of the house to the left hand side, and most of the furniture is comfier, with more and larger seats to rest our bums. The typical cubic seat set has been transformed into black and white sofas, which makes the atmosphere pretty lay back and chill. Bands give you both old-time pop and today’s hot hits while Mr. DJ shows off his hip-hop collection. The music in general here is more for young adults and up. (Think of early Micro era and Nuvo before Nouveau.) Accordingly, you could see some pretty faced babes that students are too shy to approach, and cute dudes who could talk about something else besides what subject you’re studying this semester. Drinks and mixers are average for the Thonglor area: Whisky ranges from B950 to B1,500, soft drinks are B40, Heineken is B120 and cocktails are B150. The food ranges from B80 to B250. It’s packed on the weekend, so make sure you come early. All in all, don’t expect much from the décor or music—the vibes that occupy the place on the weekend are the only things that click.

Venue Details
Address: Cliq, 11 Sukhumvit Soi 25 (Thonglor), Bangkok,
Phone: 02-712-6449
Opening hours: daily 6-11pm
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