The Circus

The buzz: Befitting this bar’s name, the circus theme runs throughout, from the décor to the staff outfits, which include ring master hats and red tail coats. The bold and playful theme is reminiscent of something nightlife guru Ashley Sutton might dream up, but it’s actually the work of former members of his team. The owners are made up of an eclectic bunch but they do share a love for absinthe, the crazy spirit that’s the signature drink of the bar.

The décor: It’s ringside all the way with this quirky space. Faux red and white awnings, a performing elephant wearing a fez and black and white photos of circus freaks adorn the bare brick walls, while Barnum and Bailey style signage sits atop the caravan-esque bar. The rest of the dimly-lit space is a busy mix of red curtains, ornate sofas and Persian rugs adding a slightly Arabian vibe.

The music: They claim to play some ringside tunes but, fortunately, the dominant theme is 90s pop rock. The lead singer of band The Ginkz plays on Fri and Sat nights.

The price: Their signature drink is absinthe and they have an impressive collection of hard to find variations on the little green fairy. They recommend the Vert & Vif label (B360) and will serve it in the classic way mixing in the sugar with a perforated spoon and cold water. If you’re not quite in the mood for a little trip then you can also sample the spirit in seven different kinds of cocktail. These include the No. 1 (absinthe, ginger beer and bitter, B220) and No.7 (absinthe, rum, chocolate milk, Kitkat and chocolate ice cream, B220). Other drinks on offer include Tiger (B120) and draught Heineken (B160), while wine by the glass ranges from B120-B390. Shisha is B300 with apple and mint flavors. Snacks to go with the green fairy are the tasty deep-fried chicken wings in laab spices served with sticky rice (B189) and corn and chili tempura served with tartar sauce (B129).

The crowd: Since the place is quite new, the crowd is still pretty diverse ranging from young university students to the more expected mid-aged media types. Slightly more unexpectedly, it seems most drinkers are women.

Why you’ll come back: In a city of boring copycats, the young owners are attempting a pretty bold addition to Bangkok’s nightlife scene and it’s definitely worth a visit for the out-there drinks and out-there staff. Pieng-or Mongkolkumnuankhet

Venue Details
Address: The Circus, Room Phase 2, CDC, Praditmanoontham, Bangkok,
Phone: 081-869-9393
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 5pm-1am
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