The buzz: Hot on the high heels of RCA’s first gay club SanFran DiscGo, Castro continues the gay mecca references and brings lip-syncing drags and coyote boys to what was, until recently, a 100% straight ‘hood.

The décor: A long façade and a glass-fronted display showing skimpily clad boys—all lit in a seductive purple glow in case you’d missed the fact that the place is gay-friendly. Blessed with ample space, the club boasts two zones: Castro (a stage complete with red runway carpet) and Bangkok (a karaoke). There’s also a “lounge” strictly reserved for boys—you get the picture.

The music: The usual servings of pop, K-pop and classic dance hits from the 70s-80s. House bands take turns cranking out the top 40 on a nightly basis. And did we mention the coyote boy backing dancers?

The price: Cocktails B180, beer B100, whiskey B1,200, mixers B60.

The crowd: Compared to Ratchada or Or Tor Kor, these guys are perhaps a few years older.

Why you’ll come back: Like it or not, RCA is where Bangkok’s gay scene is headed next.

Venue Details
Address: Castro, Room Zone B, RCA, Rama 9 Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 085-161-3386
Open since: December, 2010
Opening hours: daily 6-11pm
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